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Why experienced field representatives are becoming Micro-Entrepreneurs


Leadership opportunity

You will be a leader to platform workers who will complete tasks under your guidance. Build and manage your teams to grow business for India's largest brands.

Zero investment

Zero investment entrepreneurship

No investment at all to start your journey. Learn, experiment, fail, and try again- Mantra of true entrepreneur. Earn for every task your team members complete on the platform.

Limitless Earning

Limitless Earning

Its 'Pay-per-task'. Get the team to achieve as much as possible and earn for every task completed through you.

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Be Your Own Boss

Understand the requirement, learn and allocate tasks among teams to get them completed on time.

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Long-Term Growth

Upgrade your entrepreneurship skills to the next level. Work remotely, and at your own pace to grow exponentially

Who can be a Micro-entrepreneur?

Anybody can choose to become a Micro-entrepreneur. All you need is 5-6 hours every day to guide and help on-field taskforce. Your understanding of tasks, market, and how to use the app will help you maximize the outcome for your team as well as for yourself.

  • Experienced field representatives
  • Experienced field team leaders
  • Community leaders/network owners
  • Agency owners/managers
  • Small/medium business owners
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How to become 'Micro-entrepreneur'

Step 1
Fill the enrolment form below

Step 2
 One-time expert guidance

Step 3
Build or get a team assigned

Step 4
Start earning- Get tasks completed

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